Guiding the Medical
Cannabis industry from
research to cultivation.

Founded in 2014, National Green Biomed was the result of a family facing the reality of a chronic illness. Discussing the comfort of a loved one only saw the list of symptoms continually grow. Reports on the efficacy of cannabis for symptom-management were stacking up, with legislative frameworks beginning to grant medical licenses, however supply of legal product was limited and unreliable. It was time to seek a better option to improve the quality of life.

Based out of British Columbia, Canada, National Green Biomed (“NGB”) is a Late-Stage Applicant for Licensed activities with Cannabis and is licensed to produce industrial hemp under the Cannabis Act. NGB has a curated management, advisory, and consulting team from a broad spectrum of industries, ensuring that its foundations are built upon experience and reputation for excellence.


NG Biomed strives to be the industry leader of medical cannabis in both product quality, and our contribution to the community through research in harm reduction and chronic disorders with targeted cannabis use.

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National Green Biomed Ltd. Harm reduction and research

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