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National Green Biomed Ltd. (NGB) has filed an application to become a licensed producer of medicinal marijuana with a research and development component. Our team includes industry experts, health care professionals, law enforcement and respected members of the business community. The company will work in partnership with Health Canada representatives, the Fraser Valley Regional District, healthcare practitioners, authorized patients, and local fire and police authorities.
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The rate of people using CBD has risen dramatically in the last 5 years. A growing number of these users have taken to novel ways of incorporating it into their daily routine - enter CBD Tea.

But what is it? How can I make it? And how much should I use?

Here is a comprehensive guide to answer any questions you might have.
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'Would You Agree to Full Cannabis Legalization if Trump Gets 4 More Years?'

Is the legalization of cannabis a big enough issue at the Federal level to push swing voters and undecided voters?

Find out more here.
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CBD Tinctures.

What you need to know about this wildly popular hemp supplement.
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Here is how cannabis will change healthcare forever when federal prohibition ends.
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'Did you know some CBD oils contain 0% CBD? We tested over 30 and ranked 7 of them on potency, purity, and price. All CBD oils in our list are lab-tested by independent 3rd parties and provide large amounts of CBD/mg!'
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CBD Oil from Algae: The Amazing New Process for the Production of Pharma Grade Cannabinoids.