NG Biomed [“NGB”] strives to be the industry leader of medical cannabis in both product quality, and our contribution to the community through research in harm reduction and chronic disorders with targeted cannabis use.

Rosebud Productions Inc. [“Richmond Rosebud”] was purchased by National Green Biomed Ltd. [“NGB”] in 2017. Richmond Rosebud is licensed for Standard Cultivation, Processing and Sale of Medical Cannabis with Health Canada. The Company submitted its Site-Evidence package to Health Canada in December, 2020, after becoming the first company to successfully re-zone its site with the Municipality of Richmond for Indoor Licensed Cannabis activities.

In 2019, NG Biomed acquired the Vancouver-based beverage company “Cocos Pure Beverage Co.” to assist in penetrating into the edibles market. The boutique canned-coconut water, made from single-origin coconuts in Vietnam and Thailand, is distributed domestically and throughout Europe. Cocos Pure continues its regular operations and will evolve as the market for edible, topical, and concentrated cannabis makes way for hybrid coconut-hemp products.

NGB has a License for Industrial Hemp. The cultivation, storage, and sale was on land in the Fraser Valley called “Mission Greens”. The company planned to scale the site to include cultivation of outdoor cannabis. As part of its success strategy to remain nimble, NGB pivoted away from operations at Mission Greens. The closure and sale of the site provided an opportunity to adapt to consumer and competitor trends observed in the early years of the Cannabis Act, which showed quality and frequency of outdoor yields to be less viable than indoor small-batch cultivation. NGB continues to hold an Industrial Hemp license to retain the ability to quickly shift focus should the market shift and the opportunity arise.

NG Biomed’s revenue strategy includes brokerage, sale of consumer products, purchase and distribution for licensed companies, and operating a medical platform to reach consumers through online fulfillment. By fostering connections in a growing industry, NGB is capitalizing on the following revenue streams: